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Learning to cast should be the first priority for the beginning flyfisher. The ability to cast with confidence makes everything else about fly fishing much easier to learn.
The beginner will learn the basics: casting, knots, selecting and balancing tackle, plus drills for self-improvement. By the end of the class the first-time student is able to cast and present the fly accurately at a minimum distance of 40-50 feet.
The experienced angler will learn to achieve pin-point accuracy, tighter loops, greater distance and a delicate presentation of the fly under a variety of conditions.
My unique Accelerated Learning Method is easier to learn and produces lasting results. The "secrets" that enabled me to win national accuracy and distance fly casting championships can be learned by anyone.
Classes are small, so that each student, beginner or seasoned angler, will get my personal attention (no assistant instructors.)
Join me at one of my schools and gain more fly fishing success and enjoyment in the years ahead.
Allan Johnson has been teaching beginners to cast and fly fish for over 30 years. He has helped hundreds of experienced anglers achieve greater accuracy, distance and control.
Allan has won four All Around National Championships as a professional caster, including fly accuracy and distance. He was a member of the Professional Casters All American Team for four consecutive years and is an American Casting Association Certified Casting Instructor.
His 40+ years of fly fishing include trout, steelhead and Atlantic salmon in Canada, Chile, Argentina, Alaska, Russia, Iceland, New Zealand and most of the United States. He has also caught tarpon and bonefish in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas where he hosts trips to South Andros Island.
He lives in NW New Jersey and has a log cabin on the Upper Delaware River in New York.
A life member of Trout Unlimited, Allan has served as chapter president, national director, and member of TU's executive committee. Other memberships have included: the Federation of Fly Fishers, Henryville Flyfishers, and the American Society for Training and Development.